Live streaming video games in India

As the industry has moved on from traditional media forms to the digital media forms. The improvement in video technology has impacted the way we consume content today. And while the majority of content produced today is video-based, it is the live streaming of content that everyone wants to see.

And there are good reasons why both the content provider and the consumer prefer a live stream over a video. For the consumer, it is all about being able to engage with the streamer. Listening to their thoughts in real-time, being able to communicate with them through the live chat option. It makes the viewer feel like they are a part of the stream themselves. For streamers, it is about the rush of watching their audience grow, the monetary donations they receive from their viewers. Also, it provides a lot of content for a shorter video that can be posted later.

The popularity of live streaming for the last couple of years has grown immensely. Many industries worldwide use it as a medium to engage with their customers be it entertainment or even education. However, the single largest contributor to the growth of live streaming has been the gaming industry.

The video game industry is expected to cross $150B in revenue in 2020 as per the report from Reuters. This makes it a larger industry than both movies and music combined. And as more and more people get in on the trend of streaming games, so does the viewers who like to watch the best players play the game in real-time.

A lot of credit also goes to the service providers that facilitate streaming anything anyone wants to anyone out there. Streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube play a pivotal role in smoothing out the process for a streamer to start their journey on becoming successful.

Twitch is the biggest and most popular streaming platform in the world. However, it is YouTube that enjoys that position in India. In the last few months, many channels across YouTube live-streamed everything from games, to magic, to chat shows, to chess. A number of popular YouTubers would come together every night to play and live stream popular games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Skribble etc., to thousands of viewers till the early hours of the morning. A trend picked up from popular streamers around the world.

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