Top 5 games to play online with friends

The lockdown may be the worst thing ever but it sure made us more comfortable using the technology around us. People, who had never experienced being in a video call before, are now expertly navigating their ways around a virtual platform for work or entertainment. With another lockdown looming (let’s hope not) it’s best to know the top 5 games to play online with friends.

These games would enhance everyone’s experience if they have a Zoom video call going on the side as well.

Among Us

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One of the most popular online game right now. The game of social deduction is played between players working together as crewmates aboard a space ship. Their aim is to finish their assigned tasks as quickly as possible. While a couple of players are playing the role of an impostor whose task is to sabotage the ship. Alternatively, they can also win by killing off all the crewmates as well. While the game relies on using a lot of strategy and logic from both the factions, it doesn’t fail to produce hilarious situations when crewmates have to guess and eliminate the impostors.


Top 5 Games to play with friends online
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Skribble is a game of drawing and guessing words. Each player gets to choose a word from a list of three options at the beginning of their turn. The player proceeds to draw the word and the other players have to guess it within a fixed time limit. Players accumulate points after each correct guess and the player with maximum points wins the game.


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Codenames is another game of guessing the word played between two teams. Each team has a “spymaster” giving one-word clues to their teammates on which cards from the board they should correctly guess. Each card on the board represents one of the following: an agent of either team, an innocent bystander or an assassin. The team that makes contact with all of their agents first while avoiding the assassin wins the game.

Joking Hazard

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Joking Hazard is a story completion game where players choose cards from their own hand to complete a story panel initially laid out by a player playing as a judge. The cards illustrate hilarious actions or comical dialogues which add the humor in the game. The player with the most hilarious storyline wins the round. The judges change every round and player with the most points after a set number of rounds wins the game. Joking Hazard is an extremely high social game that would illicit a lot fun conversations after each round.

Mario Kart Tour

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Players across the world cheered Nintendo’s decision to bring Mario to the mobile devices. The game allows for a multiplayer mode where players compete against each other on a racing adventure playing as characters from Mario Kart franchise. The game is available on both IOS and Android and allows cross-play.

These are my top 5 games to play online with friends. Have you tried these games with your gang? Let me know in the comments below.

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