Why Among Us is so popular

Why Among Us is so popular

Every once in a while a game comes along to take the world by a storm and it is all everyone talks about. After a June 2018 launch, Among Us shot through the popularity ranks in 2020 after a number of popular streamers started playing together and streaming the game to their viewers. The game’s developers InnerSloth couldn’t have expected their game will witness such a meteoric rise after a slow start post-release. After winning the Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award, InnerSloth has decided to cancel the launch of an Among Us sequel. Instead, they’ve decided to grow the current game through the addition of new maps and custom options for enhanced playability.

But what makes Among Us so popular? The answer is the simplicity of the game. The game looks simple and easy to play to a casual gamer. Yet, sophisticated enough for a serious gamer. Games like these, that can aim to please all types of gamers, are rare to find. The game doesn’t even require any special equipment to play. It can be played on your PC or your mobile devices and supports cross-play between Steam, IOS and Android. This means you can play with anyone from around the world or just with your friends by creating a private room.

The game of manipulation manages to keep the players engaged and wanting to keep coming back to it. Players have the options of different maps and settings at the beginning of each round. Because of customization options, the game manages to offer different challenges once you tweak a setting. The game gets better when the players playing the game get better. This is the main reason why Among Us is so popular. It is not uncommon to see good players trying to get into some of the toughest game lobbies.

Among Us really enhances the social aspect of gaming with friends as players connect separately over voice chat to communicate. Since the game is developed on the concept of social deduction, it constantly delivers hysterical situations between friends. It makes for a great experience from spectator’s point of view as well. No wonder the top streamers playing the game together get so many viewers. It also helps players who want to create content from their sessions to push out some of the funniest gameplay videos being upload to YouTube nowadays.

Finally, I would like to say that if you haven’t played the game yet, you must try it with your friends. This game truly stands out if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends. Despite its dark theme of murdering and sabotaging your crewmates i.e. your friends, its presentation is quirky and freakishly addictive that even casual players will find it captivating.

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